TENS Electrode Pads 5cm x 5cm

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TENS Electrode Pads 5cm x 5cm

The TENS Electrode pads are products of high-quality that contain high quality gel and carbon that allow them superior conductivity and therefore the patient is ensured that they will receive relief of pain in the shortest period of time when they use it.

How it works

The body is stimulated to produce its own natural painkillers by the production of endorphins and encephalin.

It also works by passing electrical pulses from the machine to the body’s nerve centers. It blocks the pain signals from being sent to the brain and makes the brain not be aware of the pain.


The pads have oval corners which will minimize the edges from curling and ensures that you get efficient results from the pads.

The pads have a standard pigtail connector that fits most units. They are also small in size and therefore easy to carry.

The pads are latex free therefore they are suitable for use for people who are sensitive to latex because they won’t react and they are long-lasting.

It is a safe and highly effective pain relief method and has become recognized as a well-proven way of treating pain without the use of drugs.