Bath Safety Rail

Australia Wide Delivery

The Bath rail is a crucial safety tool for use in the bathtub. It is a critical support structure to keep weakly patients upright and safe from potential accidents. They can also grab the rail while seated and use it as support while rising from the bathtub.


The safety rail features lightweight material that is durable. The rail offers a firm grip and has a large base to support extra weight on its lightweight.        It is comfortable and easy to use for patients of all types including those weighing up to 120 kg.


They are made of high quality PVC that is lightweight for easy installation and portability. It is ergonomically designed to support up to 120 kg of weight. The shape makes it stable enough to let heavy people use it as an extra foot as they step into the bathtub

To use it effectively, clamp it down without tools. There is no need for tools to complete the installation process. The clamp holds with a firm grip onto the edge of the tub for safety and ultimate support. Your tub will not be having any scratches or breakages. Do not worry about irritating marks where you install the equipment.