Bathroom Safety Grab Bars

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The Bathroom Safety Grab bars help to provide safety to weakly patients who need support to get to their reach. They are critical to recovering patients who need to proceed with light household daily activities. Rebotec designers were focused on weighted and weakly patients whey they designed the safety grab. It is therefore, useful by most elderly individuals.


The product comes with hidden screws that easy to mount to streamline the grip. The structure is contoured and enhanced with non-slip material to eliminate the possibility of slipping off. The ergonomically shaped design is appropriate for both sitting and standing upright thanks to the adjustable knob.

It makes the bathroom experience easier and easily accessible since this is usually one of the most challenging parts of a weakly recovering patient.


The rails are easily fixable without the need for tools. They also allow diagonal as well as vertical mounting depending on the needs of the patient at the moment of use. Horizontal arrangement is used for shower support while vertical arrangement is used for standing and walking. There are four height options to help adjust to the needs of the user.

They have both angled and straight bars for unlimited options. The grey-non-slipping design makes it safe for the patient