Commode Comfort Backrest & Armrest

Australia Wide Delivery

The commode comfort backrest and armrest by Etac are padded parts of the commode that provide the user with a comfortable support when in use. They provide stability and support to the user.


The Etac commode comfort backrest and armrest have a comforting cover that provides warmth as well as a soft support. The front of the armrest on the left is free, which allows a secure grip when the user is standing up. They have a comforting cover, which is cleaned using an alcohol wipe. This comforting cover is made to enable clean it with ease. The comfort backrest and armrests provide a soft surface for the arms and back of the user. The commode comfort backrest and armrest provides a secure place for the user to handhold and has a strong grip. The armrest and backrest are removable and they are easy to fix. No tools are needed to assemble them. The backrest is contoured and corrosion proof.


The commode comfort backrest and armrest are removable parts. The backrest is configured to fit the chair widths from 14 inches up to 30 inches. The commode armrest and backrest are made for the elderly or individuals that need extra support. They are mainly used in care homes, clinical setting and hospitals