Etac Commode Comfort Pad

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This commode chair gives patients with mobility challenges to manage their hygiene routine. It allows passage of waste efficiently and provides overall freedom for control of personal hygiene. It has a hygienic seat pad that comes with a strategic hole for expulsion of waste appropriately.

It is also lightweight for easy portability especially when on the go. The material used to construct this chair is hollow for reduced weight and durable.


The comfort pad commode by Etac comes with an ergonomically designed seat pad, which makes a small hole for new recess width of 18cm.

This model is capable of providing users with the opportunity to control their own hygiene. The framework features sturdy aluminum, which is capable of holding up to 150 kg of weight. The frames are both curved and straight but all tubular for the perfect design and ergonomic design.



The material used to construct the comfort pad is not only lightweight but durable. It withstands knocks, scratches, and the elements. They are non-stick hence easily cleaned to protect it from stains and dust. The material is also non-slip to avoid accidental movements. It also has a braking system on the hind legs to keep the resident safe.