Etac Commode Cross Bar

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Etac commode crossbar is an invaluable companion that is used when safety, support, and comfort are needed. They are mainly used in combination of Etac clean model equipment such as shower commode chair. Etac commode crossbar is used for support and is placed across the armrest.


The Etac commode crossbar is mainly used in hospitals, nursing homes and in a home setting. It has a combination of red and black colors. The Etac commode crossbar has a curved shape, which helps in a close fit and respects the body curves.


The Etac commode crossbar is a removable device that is attached to the Etac commode chair to secure the user. It can be attached and detached easily from the chair arms. They are made of aluminium core material that is strong and light. The lightness feature allows for the weak hands to fix the bar without exerting a lot of pressure.


The cross bar is made of cellular polyethene cover that provides a comfortable touch. This cellular polyethene cover material makes the bar easy to clean. The bar can be used when in the shower. It has the ability to dry quickly. The Etac commode crossbar is a comfortable accessory for any Etac clean model to the user.