Etac Commode Safety Belt

Australia Wide Delivery

The Etac commode safety belt provides an extra layer of security from slipping and falls while showering or when the user is in the toilet. The Etac safety belt is used on clean shower commode chair or any of the products from Etac that are clean models. The belt gives minor support to the user when it is necessary.


The Etac commode safety belt is made from nylon strapping. This feature makes it easy to clean. The straps attach securely to the commode chair frame. The belt closes in the front of the individual's chair and closes securely with a buckle that is made of plastic. This plastic buckle holds securely when closed. It can also be easily adjusted depending on the users waist size. They are easily released when needed. The Safety belt can be used on any chair by the Etac clean model line. The safety belt is made of polyester material.



Individuals who want extra support especially when showering or when in the toilet use the Etac commode safety belt. It has a maximum length of 6 ft. They nylon strappings are mainly white in color. The buckle in the safety belt is also white in color.