Etac Commode Seat Cover

Australia Wide Delivery

The Etac commode seat cover is a sheath that provides a comfortable and a supportive seat when the Etac commode is in use. They are made of polyethylene material. The seat covers can not withstand cleaning temperatures of above 60 degrees which is equivalent to 140 Fahrenheit.


The Etac commode seat cover gives the user support and comfort. The commode seat cover also provides a barrier between the hard surfaces of the commode seat. It helps to keep the individual using the commode warm as well as maintaining the body temperatures while providing comfort. The cover has a design that is padded as well as supportive. This seat cover is made with a material that is easy to clean. It can be cleaned or wiped down using an alcohol swab or wipe. The alcohol swab is mainly used to sanitize the seat when it is between uses. The material used to make the seat cover is a secure one and has anti-slip properties.


The Etac commode seat cover works perfectly well with all Etac commode models. They mainly come in black color. The Etac commode seat cover is made to fit the standard commode. They have a width of 48cm.