Etac Commode Soft Back Pad

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Commode soft back pad is a heat reflecting back pad that is made of cellular polyethylene material. The soft back pad provides harness as well as added comfort to Etac commode shower chair. They are made of a non-slip material


Commode soft back pad is attached to the commode shower chair to harness the shoulders and back for more comfort and to increase productivity. The back pads relieve the pressure off your shoulders and back. The commode back pad has a Velcro attachment that has a simple hook and loop that fits perfectly on the commode shower chair. The back pads are built to last long with a soft side that is against the back for more comfort. The soft back pad has a non-slip design that keeps the pad in place on top of the shoulders, which enhance comfort. The back pads are easy to clean and the maximum temperatures they can withstand is 60 degrees.



The Etac commode soft back pad has a universal size that fits all Etac clean models. The soft back pads are made to provide comfort and support on the shoulders and back of the users. They are mainly found in a home setting, medical facilities nursing homes, and care homes. They vary in colors but mainly in grey and black.