Etac Folding Armrest Optimal with Support Legs

Etac Folding Armrest Optimal with Support Legs

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Optimal Toilet Arm Support has firm ergonomically designed legs to offer maximum support for patients while in the toilet. The product is designed to provide a comfortable grip to the user while seated or standing. It folds smoothly to the wall and adapts to most regular toilet designs


The Etac Armrest optimal with support legs has an adjustable framework to fit most of the regular toilets. They are designed to help a patient reduce dependability on nurses by giving them an opportunity to use the toilet without any human help.

The colors are cool and not attention seeing while the material used is non-slip to offer a firm grip. The aluminum is also tubular to reduce the weight and make it easy to use for patients with minimal strength. This product can support patients with up to 120 kg comfortably.


The framework is ergonomically designed to offer ultimate safety from accidents. It comes with angled and straight bars for different to fit most needs of patients. The frameworks is adjustable into 4 heights for variety of use.


They grey non-slip material provides a firm grip to avoid any accidents. It allows variety of positioning