Etac Optima Lockable Toilet Arm Support

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The Optima lockable Toilet Arm Support is an essential safety precautionary support framework. It keeps the weak individual safe by providing support and rest position with a lockable ability to hold the frame in place. This frame is easily attachable to the bathtub without the need for screwing tools. It is designed to fit firmly without scratching or destroying the edges of the tub. The arm support is easy to install and use


The framework features both angled and straight frames used to act as armrest for motion support. They provide the extra arm for easy movement. The user can grip the framework to support their weight as it can support up to 120 kg.

It has tubular aluminum tubes for reducing the overall weight making them portable yet strong enough to support the patient. These tubes come in different colors to match the interior deco of most bathrooms in households.


The lockable switch helps to hold the framework intact for ultimate support. To use it correctly, slide the arm into the desired height and lock it before applying the pressure of your weight onto it.


The material is also made of PVC material on the exterior to withstand water and make it easy to clean.