Etac Optimal Toilet Arm Support

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The Optimal Toilet Arm support has an ergonomically structure to support a patient in the process of rising and standing in the toilet. This framework has a large base to increase the surface area and support heavy weights. It is designed to support up to 120 kg individuals and works best for the elderly with limited strength.

The Design

The Toilet arm Support eases the sitting and rising from the toilet seat by acting as an extra arm. It is built to adapt to most of the regular toilets in households hence easy to install. They are not destructive, as they will not scratch surfaces.

The material used is lightweight for convenience and portability. This product is safe for use on sensitive skins and offers a firm grip.


The material used is non-slip hence offers safety to users against accidents. It is also textured and features material that is gentle on most skins including the most sensitive.


It is firm to support weights of up to 120 kg. The structure is ergonomically designed hence able to give ultimate support and comfort to the weakly patients. The tubular aluminum frames make it lightweight and usable by any patient with limited strength.