HMN A/S Pail Bucket & Lid

Australia Wide Delivery

Most patients have difficulty in getting to the bathroom in time or simply using facilities in the bathroom because of muscle strains and painful joints. Also, some patients are constrained by nerve conditions hence entirely on a seat or bed. Moreover, patients may be unable to access bathroom in time because of body deficiencies. Caregivers are often hired for this purpose but their work can be made easier with this equipment.

The Denmark pail bucket and lid ensures patients can relieve themselves without straining to move. Caregivers can also be efficient and effective in their duties.


The Denmark pail bucket and lid is a two in one medical tool. The bucket is round and deep to allow multiple usage before need for disposing the waste. The manufacturer has also included a lid to prevent air contamination as well as smell that can cause more health damage. The lid is fitted with a handle for easy opening and closing without moving the equipment or touching contents of the bowl.


The equipment is durable because of the stainless steel material on the cover. It can withstand physical shock and weight of a patient. The stainless coating also helps with cleaning.