HMN a/s Nielsen Line Height Adjustable Shower Commode Chair

Nielsen Line Height Adjustable Shower Commode Chair

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This product looks like a wheelchair; the big difference is it just has a hole in the centre of the chair. Its height is adjustable so that it can fit in all bathroom fittings. It can have until 7 seat heights without using a tool, that’s how convenient is this. This is best for any resident even when the commodes are shared within the facility. This is also waterproof with powder coated aluminized steel. It is developed to ensure firmness in any kind of environment which is also entailed with impact resistant and light plastics and TPE coating. It is only light in weight weighing 12.6 kg but can accommodate of up to 150 kg patient.

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It is designed in Denmark under the Danish quality standards. Its armrest is coated with TPE in which you can comfortably rest your arms on. It also looks clean and nonslip. The armrest can be detached simply by swinging it to a 45 degree angle and removing it sideways. What is the good thing it offers? You can customise to attain your needs. Another thing, it is castor protected from hair and dirt for a smooth ride. It has a plastic backrest which gives additional relaxing feeling.