HMN A/S Super Soft Pressure Care Seat

Australia Wide Delivery

The Denmark super soft care seat is designed to reduce pressure ulcers at the same time prevent the pressure ulcers. Being dependent on a wheelchair brings about several risks. One of this risks is the unpleasant development of pressure ulcers. These pressure ulcers are also known as bedsores. It is a general term for people who have been bedridden over a period due to illness or old age.


The Denmark super soft care is countered to add security and comfort to the user. The soft care seat is padded which promotes a comfortable support for the back and help for the individual who is using the Denmark super soft care over time. The super soft care seat is durable. It also has a secure cover that gives the user has extra grip. This seat is easy to clean and sanitize. The extra soft PU foam allows great comfort to the user.


The Denmark super soft care provides superior comfort and pain relief for the commode chair. has a height support super soft in PU foam. The height and depth are adjustable. The Denmark super soft care is made of stainless steel and has an approximate weight of one kg.