HMN A/S Urine Funnel

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Denmark urine funnel is an accessory for shower or commode chairs. The urine funnels are used for individuals who have problems urinating into the toilet. The Denmark urine funnel is easy to use as one places the narrow end facing down towards the toilet. This helps to avoid the user from urinating on the floor or on the toilet seat.


The Denmark urine funnel is made of silicone material. Denmark urine funnel is a very simple accessory to use.  All you need is to place it in the right position for it to work perfectly. These urine funnels are used to prevent minor messes that are caused by urinating on the floors rather than the toilet seat. They are portable so one can carry it wherever she or he may go to avoid embarrassment.


The Denmark urine funnel has a standard dimension which includes a width of 8, 2 cm, depth of 10, 4 cm, length of about 26, 8 cm. The material used to make the urine funnel is  2 mm ABS plastic. The Denmark urine funnel is easy to clean and the maximum degrees is 80 degrees. The Denmark urine funnel has a weight of 0.06 kg.