Seatara Carrying Case

Delivery Australia Wide

The Seatara WheelAble Carrying Case is an easily portable nylon Cordura bag thanks to the ruggedness and resistance to the elements. It is not only resistant to water but also stubborn fungus that attacks the inner fabric. This case has a conspicuous wheelchair symbol universally recognized for easy identity. It also comes with a study handle and four efficient pivotal wheels.


The case comes with a logo that is universally recognized. This means disabled passengers can board a plane with it at no extra luggage cost.

The entire structure makes it efficient. The material is lightweight for easy portability and tough to keep the contents safe. It also comes with a sturdy handle and four pivoting wheels that enhances convenience of the case. They offer a great advantage to carry the travel chair with minimal effort.


The quality inner fabric is waterproof, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial enabled making the casing durable.  It is therefore, long lasting and encourages residents to carry along the WheelAble chair while on road regardless of the distance

The material is designed to keep the wheelable chair dry and safe from infections such as bacteria. The user is protected from both internal and external forms of harmful pathogens.