Seatara Removable Pan

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Portability is crucial for patients suffering from nerve conditions. Patients who spend weeks in bed need a way to relieve themselves without compromising on medication or the environment. The removable pan is designed to help such patients go through the recovery process with less difficulty. They are designed with handles for easy removal from bed rails when there is need to dispose its contents.

The removable pan can also be fixed on a wheelchair for convenience of the patient. It also helps caregivers to be efficient; it is a safety measure of handling patient waste.


The removable pan has two separate parts, which increase portability when traveling. The plastic and stainless coating helps with cleaning. Maintaining hygiene of patients is crucial in the recovery process. It is easy to clean the removable pan because of the material; detergents and machine wash are all ideal for this pan. The removable parts makes it easy to carry.

The simple design makes it popular in the medical industry. It does not require any special skill to fix the parts.


The plastic material ensures the pan is free from stains. The pan is available in different sizes for universal use. Patients can travel without worrying of toilet needs.