Seatara Upholstered Seat

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The seat is designed for convenience when taking shower. It has an ergonomic design for ease of transport and shower for patients with nerve conditions. Health conditions that interfere with functionality of joints and muscles often hinder movement and flexibility of patients. Hygiene is a crucial aspect patient care; one of the ways to ensure hygiene and enhancing recovery process of a patient is body cleanliness, which entails regular shower.

The upholstered seat protects stainless steel and structure of a wheel chair or bed from stains and damage from shower detergents. It is also designed for comfort of patients while in the bathroom.


The seat is water resistant for durability. Caregivers are free to clean patients without worrying about fluids getting to the seat. It is easy to clean and dries within seconds. The seat cover can be replaced after extended use to maintain effectiveness of the seat. The extra cushion and material are design for patient comfort. Patients can relax on the seat for hours for proper hygiene.


The seat provides extra support on backrest and arms for patients to relax for as long as they wish. The size of the seat is adjustable to accommodate different patient sizes.