Suction Grip Bath Handle

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The suction grip bath handle is a small portable support device that provides any individual who needs support while in the bath or shower room. Its suction mount easily attaches to any smooth surface. It provides quick aid whenever you can be used for anyone who wants to get out of the bathtub.


The suction grip has to be attached to any smooth surface for it to give the support needed. It does not work on any surface that is not smooth.  This device is easy to install as well as removed. The suction grips can be operated with just one hand. The grip bath suction can be put on the wall or inside the edges of the tub. They are very useful when one has children who can not walk on their own. The suction grip gives them support until they are able to walk on their own perfectly. They are easy to use as one pushes the suction cup on the wall and squeezes the handles together.


The suction grip bath handles are very small in size which makes them easy to carry around. The suction cup has a diameter of 33/4 inch.