1.4 L Sharps Container

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The sharps disposal container guarantees you a secure place to dispose your sharp waste. The plastic sharps disposal container can hold 1.4L of waste. However, disposable waste should not fill its capacity. Users are recommended not to extend past the last calibration.


This 1.4 L sharp container is designed to allow you to dispose; hazardous materials, pen needles, broken glass, lancets and syringe needles. Others include blades and vacationers.

The Sharps Disposal Container features a screw-on lid to warrant safe carriage of its contents. For easy identification, the container is normally painted in bright yellow color. It has a squared base to enhance its stability. It can be used for many purposes beyond the disposal function. The container itself can be carefully disposed using all the usual ways of hazardous material discarding (That is, together with the remaining contents in the container).


It comes in a universal size to fit into typical blood drawing trays and has a clear lid hence contents are visible. The square base prevents possible spills and ensures containers stability.

The user has guaranteed safe disposal because of heavy-duty plastic whose structure is also puncture-proof. Transport and disposal safety is ensured by the lock capability of the container.

The dimensions in height, length and width are 19cm by 9cm by 9cm and has as 1.4 L capacity.