300PCS Non-Slip Hospital Shoe Covers

Australia Wide Delivery

Medical shoes are not an option for caregivers in a well-structured clinical setting. The cover is ideal for sterile environments where the shoes are also sterilized to maintain high levels of hygiene to reduce risk of contamination and infection. Also, hospital shoe covers protect the shoe from rough surfaces and also enhance grip of a shoe on a slippery floor. Moreover, shoe covers help in protecting fragile floor from pressure and direct impact of shoes.

While they are mostly used in medical environments, shoe covers can be beneficial in cleaning and home chores. The primary objective being protecting the shoe from dirt or contamination.


The shoe covers have non-slip bottom to protect wearers. The threaded bottom also provides traction, which is key in disaster mitigation. Shoe covers are essential in a medical setting; there should be no compromise on caregivers to always be in these covers while in a hospital premise.

The hospital shoe covers are durable hence reusable. A caregiver will use the cover multiple times before the grip wears off or fabric quality reduces.


The shoe covers are available in a variety of sizes. The cover is fluid repellant and breathable for comfort when working for long hours. Non-slip grip bottom. It comes in a pack of 150 pairs.