8 Litre Sharps Cage Wall Mount

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Waste disposal is crucial in healthcare. Any contamination after treatment or examination procedures should be properly disposed to avoid infection to a patient and caregiver. Both parties are susceptible to infection from contaminated surfaces and tools used in administering drugs or other medical procedures. Tools used in surgery, for instance, have to be carefully disposed because interaction with body fluids exposed the body to higher risks.

A definite disposal point helps caregivers to remember importance of proper disposal. The sharps cage is designed for convenience.


8 liters is more than enough in an active clinical setting. The cage is mounted on a wall, preferably on the exit for easy disposal. It is lockable for safety issues in case mentally impaired patients get to the cage.

Any sharp objects and any tools thought to be contaminated after patient examination can easily fit through the opening for safety until it’s time for external disposal. The size ensures it serves for an extended time before the need to transport the waste for proper disposal.


The plastic cage is surrounded by steel for protection. It is light for ease for waste disposal when full. The cage has a considerably wide opening at the top, which slants on one side for easy disposal.