8 Litre Sharps Container – Carton Of 14

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The 8-Litre sharps container offers appropriate dumping of medical waste such as cutting implements, scalpels, and used needles. It is made of plastic that is bright. The container is also resistant to deflation. This is well-thought-out to ensure extra safety at the time of disposing used medical cutting implements.


The container’s design is of high quality and it is suitable for the disposal of mostly sharp objects in the medical profession, such as scalpels and needles. This container is made in a way to guarantee safety and it has a screw-on lid.

This sharps container is made to withhold great impact without breaking, yet it holds unsafe medical waste while locking it away from people who can get harmed.  Its capacity is 8 liters specifically to allow medical professionals to discard bigger quantities of waste devoid of the risk of breakage or puncture.


It is designed for safety with a screw-top lid attached to the container to minimize on issues regarding storage. The carton can be mounted on vertical surfaces as it is compliant to standards put in place concerning disposal of medical waste.

The surfaces that the 8-litre sharps containers are mounted are lockable and this guarantees extra safety. The impact resistant screw on lid ensures proper storage and placement of medical waste