8 Litre Sharps Lockable Wall Mount

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The 8-litre sharps lockable wall mount is high-impact, puncture resistant container used for disposal of all the hazardous sharp objects. The package includes medical sharps, needles, scalpels, razor blades and other cutting tools used in a medical set up. It is a safety rule that these hazardous objects to be place in separately from other waste.


This sharp lockable wall mount is designed to hold the sharp hazardous materials whilst keeping them locked up to protect against any harm. The box is large and it has puncture resistance properties. This feature makes it easy for the one disposing the items has confidence.

The sharp lockable wall mount has a screw on the lid, which is impact-resistant for safe placement and storage. This container has a wall mount that increases safety measure from theft of the object. It also keeps these hazardous sharp objects away from causing any danger to people around.


The 8-litre sharps lockable wall mount is a large box. It has a container that is sold separately. 8-litre sharps lockable wall mount container has a capacity of up to 8 liters of the disposables. The containers are made for medical set ups and any facility that deals with hazardous sharp objects.