Heavy Duty Bariatric Footstool

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The heavy duty bariatric footstool is made for use by doctors to observe bariatric patients while standing. It can also help a user regardless of how heavy they weigh to confidently and safely reach for items placed on higher points.


Its design is made to tolerate high weight and it is also very durable. The steel tubing leg-frame and the suction rubber grip-feet further enhances the cross brace strengthened design. This footstool is made of a rubber that’s non slip to avoid slipping. It has a great finish that is, heavy duty to resist rust. Its large design retains low weight structure for easy storage and simple placement of items.

Bariatric footstools are an improvement from resembling smaller equipment because they allow more weight integrity for the user without the need to worry. A cross-braced design translates to a bigger capacity for weightier objects without accidents. This is especially useful for medics who help with bariatric/ overweight patients who sometimes stand to be examined.

The footstool is best in hospital and various medical establishments that have floors made of hard-marble. These surfaces ensure perfect hold for rubber grips. Nurses and doctors also find that even though it’s mostly used in medical centers, and it’s of a high weight integrity design, this footstool is easy to store because of the fact that the product itself is lightweight.


The design allows simple storage and use because the product is weightless. The frame is made of high quality steel hence it is resistant to rust, also ensure no loss of integrity for a long time.

The Product is ergonomic and compact for office locations. Its design of labor free industrial cross-brace and can handle up to 230Kg of weight