Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

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The isopropyl alcohol wipes are used for disinfection of small injuries on victims. They can also be used to sanitize surfaces used by patients to ensure more hygiene. These cleaning wipes contain 70% of isopropyl alcohol.  A perfect first aid kit with containers, and tubes, includes a canister package of wipes with about 70 pieces. The canister package is well-organized for purposes of storage. They are preferred because medical professionals find them relatively cheap to restock in the medical centers.


Cuts and scrapes are unavoidable and, although they seem not to be harmful, they pose grave complications if not quickly and properly treated. These uncovered areas may lead to victims acquiring an illness or an infection. Therefore, it’s significant to disinfect these open wounds as quickly as one can.

The Isopropyl alcohol wipes are preferred because they are among the many ways to quickly sanitize injuries. As it is the case with non-medical wipes, discarding these isopropyl alcohol wipes safely is easy. Often, they are packaged in convenient containers to allow easy access of the wipes as well as simple storage.


They are easy to replace and store and this is important for bulk purchase options and stocking. These wipes are soaked in 70 % isopropyl alcohol within dry-resistant ergonomic container.

Disposal of these wipes is easy hence; germs cannot be spread further. Moreover, they sanitize an area fast therefore preventing bacterial spread and infections