IV Pole Basket

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IV pole baskets are very valuable tools for treating patients who require intravenous (IV) drip stands. These baskets are easily installed with the additional IV pole basket clamp. The IV clamp has a universal size that fits all IV baskets as well as the IV poles.


 The universal basket clamp is attached to either the basket and can be adjusted to fit on any IV pole without regard to its size. The clamp has a simple spin vice that allows it to loosen or tighten as required to clamp securely to any IV pole. The clamp and the baskets are not entirely restricted to IV poles. They can be used on thin metals frames of certain beds or other locations provided they are secure. The baskets have double screw installation holes at the top, which the universal IV pole basket can be attached. They can be mounted on the wall.


IV pole baskets are both made of the same steel wireframe construction. These tools have a near square and narrow rectangle shape. The dimensions are H185 X W205mm X D130mm. They fit a 25mm diameter pole. They are used in clinical setting and are suited for different situations.