IV Pole Oxygen Bottle Holder

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The IV Pole Oxygen Bottle Holder is made of stainless steel. It features a clamp to fasten the basket-style holder strongly to IV poles. This offers better mobility for the patient who is dependent on oxygen.


The IV pole oxygen bottle holder is made of high-quality medical grade stainless steel, which makes it a very important equipment in any hospital. The clamp firmly holds the basket to any standard IV pole, therefore holding a standard oxygen bottle in the course of either changing beds, or transfers of the patient in an ambulance.


The IV pole oxygen bottle holder can be reused because it is carefully sanitized to control and prevent infections and can be reliable for long-term care, acute care and in other institutions apart from hospitals. It is durable enough to serve many patients for years and has an adjustable height to allow use on all patients.

The holder is made of high quality stainless steel to avoid possibility of corrosion and is easy to clean. The structure consists if a solid clamp to hold a standard size oxygen tank with ease.

It is relatively light in weight to assist the oxygen dependent patient anywhere hence ease of product’s mobility. The content in the bottle may be left to health practitioners. Therefore, users only need to know how to adjust this pole and fix the oxygen bottle. This makes this equipment easy to use for caregivers of patients too.