IV Pole Stand

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IV bags are basic to treatment procedures both at home and in hospital care. While health conditions vary widely in a clinical setting, fluids quality and levels in the body is crucial to treatment. Sometimes, patients only require enough water to regain normalcy. The number of drip bags recommended depends on severity of a patient’s condition.

A full drip bag is heavy, it can be tedious for a caregiver to hold it throughout as water or the medication goes through a patient’s vein. The process is slow; there is also need for elevation for effective channeling to a patient’s body. The IV pole is designed for effectiveness and convenience in healthcare with regards to drip bags.


The pole is straight with two hooks at the top. The hooks are fitted on both sides for stability and multiple function of the pole. Multiple drip bags can be hooked on the pole hence ease of switching one to another. It helps with consistency in the drip process. It has a large base and wheel for stability and portability. The base is considerably large to fit around a patient’s bed.


The hooks can comfortably hold 4 drip bags. The pole’s length is adjustable with 5 wheels on the base. The pole finish is chrome plated.