Mayo Instrument Table

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The mayo instrumental table can be used for various purposes. It is a medical stand that one can adjust easily. The mayo instrument table has wheels that enhance its ease of access, storage, as well as offer suitable positioning. Steel makes the mayo instrument table more durable. The Chrome finishing inhibits rusting. This table has a removable steel tray that is 50cm by 35 cm and it provides a big space to put examination instruments. You can adjust its height using a lock, to a height 75cm.


The design of the mayo instrument table is designed with a relatively large table to hold examination tools for doctors. This helps to accord patents efficient services. It is made of a light material to make it mobile. The stand is designed in a way that allows you to adjust its height easily. The perfect metal finishing allows ease of cleaning. The Mayo instrument table is also light for simple placement and storage.

In general, healthcare professionals, nurses, doctors, and medical specialists, can have various ways to use this instrument depending on their circumstances.


Easy to store, move, and place with wheel-placements. Has a neck bolt for adjustment purposes of the table’s height. It is made of chrome and can be adjusted to allow you to work either sitting or standing. Has a metallic tray of 50cm by 35cm for use with many devices and tools.