Medical Foot Step Stool

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Medical foot step stool is a platform that is used to boost height. They are lightweight with long lasting ability. The foot step stools are used in offices with visiting patients. They have a non-skid surface that ensures safe incline with steel tube legs.


Medical foot step stools can be placed on floors or areas that are slippery which is attributed to its non-slip, rubber grip surface and rubber ended ‘feet’. The non-slip feature has an assurance of no accidents for the users. This foot step stool has a steel finish, which guards against rust for the longest time possible.

They are also full welded and have no bolts frame, which enhances rust resistance. Medical foot step stools can hold a capacity of up to 135 kg of weight and they have a large surface area. This ability makes it possible for individuals to use it for testing motor skills, reaching places that are high for them and temporarily resting heavy objects.


Medical foot step stools are lightweight with 2.5 kg and can support up to 135kg. They are small in size, which helps in placement and for easy storage. They are mainly used in hospital set up.