Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves

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Traditionally, latex gloves are used in all fields of medicine from veterinary to pediatric. The gloves have been a standard in clinical setting for a long time until the disposable nitrile exam gloves came in the picture. After extensive research on skin infections and other complains from caregivers, latex and donning powder were discovered to be the cause of allergy and skin damage. Caregivers were protecting their hands from bacteria and other infections from handling patients but exposing their skin to other significant damages. Disposable nitrile exam gloves guarantee an allergy free environment.


The gloves are designed for protection. The rubber is puncture resistant with admirable tactile sensitivity. The high strength and durability attributes to their popularity in multiple fields. While they are common in the medical industry, the gloves can be useful in cleaning as well as in school laboratories for science experiments.

They are not only protective but also comfortable because of the latex free material. The hypoallergenic nature makes them ideal for children with sensitive skin, which is often worse than adults with the same condition.


Disposable Nitrile Exam Gloves are elastic and puncture resistant. Unlike other gloves, these are ambidextrous. 1 box contains 50 pairs.