Oral Swabs, Pack of 250

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Oral health conditions are often challenging to manage because the mouth entails soft tissues that can easily be damaged. Infections on the tongue or ulcers in the mouth can be a nuisance and cause of discomfort with pain. Removal and treatment of such requires gentleness and extra care for healthy teeth.

Certain levels of hygiene cannot be achieved with regular brushing of teeth; there is need for specialized equipment and expertise in addressing such conditions. Oral swabs are effective in maintenance of dental routines without interfering with tissues in the mouth.


Oral swabs come in a pack of 250. They are fitted with soft sponge on one end for gentle brushing and cleaning of teeth and tongue. Issues with ulcers on gums can also be addressed with these tools. The handle is long enough to allow entry to deep ends of the mouth. It is a supplement to regular brushing routine. The soft foam has small ridges for lifting debris and cleaning mucus from the mouth and tongue. Oral swabs are ready to use, there is no need for rinsing the mouth.


It is neither treated nor flavored. A 250 pack is enough for a year. It also helps in polishing teeth.