Sterile Alcohol Swabs (Box of 200)

Australia Wide Delivery

Sterile alcohol prep pads are used in medical facilities and care centers worldwide to make sure equipment and surfaces are sterile and clean.

The Places where they are commonly used are; school nurse offices, care facilities, and small clinics for cleaning minor scrapes


Singly packaged to make certain of the products good use and sterile storage. Have tearable and easy to open, small packages that are easy to dispose. Pads are folded inside the package to maximize on storage. Can be used in clinical settings or at home by caregivers.

The sterile alcohol prep pads are manufactured using non-adhesive and non-woven material to avoid degeneration when using them. The material is latex free for both; the disposable wrapper and the sterile alcohol prep pad. The pads are soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol to ensure they meet high sterilization standards required.


The pads are also absorbent to help remove and clean up small amounts of bodily fluids or blood that may accidentally get to a surface or medical equipment. Towelettes are soft, to shield skin tissues that are sensitive while using on a slight wound. This ensures that surfaces and equipment cleaned by the prep pads maintain their composition and texture.

They are hospital grade with latex-free for both the packaging and pad. The towelettes are soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol and are absorbent and soft.

They are meant for commercial use mainly and should never be consumed.