Wire Dispenser Rack

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Wire Dispenser Rack


Organization of tools and cleanliness is crucial in the medical industry. Sterilizing and keeping gloves in the right position for ease in accessibility and efficiency in delivering services is one of the elements with regards to proper storage of medical tools. The medical industry is full of disease causing organisms that can easily be picked from surfaces and air. While some infections are unavoidable, it is wise to stay safe by preventing evident causes.

Gloves help in protecting hands from infection. Caregivers and visitors in hospitals are often advised to sanitize their hands whenever they access patient premises. Gloves are more protective when it comes to fluids. Medical gloves are only used once hence safe. The only issue is with dispensing gloves in a busy medical environment; this is the basis of designing wire dispenser rack.


The rack is mainly wire, which attributes to its lightweight hence portable. The wire frame is coated with plastic to protect it from rusting and enhancing the appearance. The rack accommodates at least 3 boxes of gloves. It is mounted on the wall for ease in accessing gloves, especially in emergency cases.


It measures 9cm in width, 28 cm in length, and 10.8 cm in height. It is a white box with sturdy structure.