Wire Glove Dispenser Rack 3 Tier

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Wire Glove Dispenser Rack 3 Tier

Gloves are essential in a clinical setting, wearing this protective clothing is a basic practice in the medical industry. Caregivers are required to be in gloves at all times when handling patients or going round the business in a hospital setting that involves patients’ clothes, drugs, and bedding. Gloves have to be worn irrespective of the emergency level; it is for the benefit of caregivers.

The elastic material in medical gloves ease removal but makes it difficult to pick one from a dispensing box. A wire rack, which can be fitted on a wall to store multiple glove boxes help in efficiency of dispensing gloves.


3 tier design guarantees convenience; bulk of boxes can be stored on the rack to continuously dispense gloves without need for frequent restocking or replacement. The wire makes it flexible; it also comes with a mounting hardware for easy installation on any corner of a room. It is ideal in a hospital setting.

The design allows up to 3 glove boxes, which can be organized by size or convenience. Only few boxes are required within reach.


The wire frame is plastic coated for easy cleaning. It is also light hence highly portable. It measures 360 x 260 x 105 mm