Bacterial Filters Cartridge – 12Pk

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This is designed to remove bacteria from fluids or air. The chemical components vary according to the usage of the bacterial filter. There are different types of filter cartridges are they are meant to be changed or replaced after a while.


Bacterial cartridges are made from different materials. They are mostly high quality and are made without chemical glues.

They contain three layers composing of fine fibers on top, coarse fibers in the middle and then deep filtration fiber.

They can remove any suspected contaminant very easily and effectively to help maintain a sanitary and bacteria free environment.

They are substituted after a while to maintain a high level of efficiency in the use of the filter. They work effectively for an amount of time, in most cases 6 months to even years depending on the type.

Where are They Used

Bacterial filter cartridges are used in bacterial filters and they are meant to help in decontaminating the areas. They filter bacteria so that there is no contamination of the patients and the staff.

These are mainly used in hospitals, surgery areas, and even pharmaceutical laboratories since they are effective in protecting the external environment from any forms of bacterial and viral contaminations.