Bacterial Filters – 12Pk

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Bacterial filters are used to cleanse fluids of bacteria and any microorganisms by way of filtration. There are several types of bacterial filters.

Bacterial filters are also used when performing some medical tests especially because patients are susceptible to the risk of infections after some tests like pulmonary function tests.

How It Works

A fluid is passed through a porous surface which is as a result of a vacuum that has been created on another side or it can also be as a result of pressure created and exerted on the fluid being filtered.

The filter can be a glass filter, ceramic filter, or any other type of filter can be used.

There are filters that are also used to remove airborne bacteria in an area.


They help prevent infections after a patient has undergone tests especially those that might make the patient susceptible to infections.

They protect the breathing circuits, therefore, patients and staff are protected from any contaminated droplets of saliva and mucus. They are also protected from the inhalation of any pathogens from the breathing circuit.

They also are beneficial in preventing both bacterial and viral contaminations when performing tests on a patient.