Adult Silicone Resuscitation Kit

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Adult Silicone Resuscitation Kit is designed to complement CP devices. It is a great addition to the home and hospital care. The design makes it highly portable; it can fit in the car trunk or back of a driver’s seat. Despite holding multiple medical tools it is small and light.

The resuscitation kit is basically a box for storing medical equipment. It is a recognized medical kit, which comes with each device registration. Most devices in the box are suitable for adults. However, some medical tools like masks can be adjusted to fit people with smaller sizes and different shapes.


The kit is transparent with a sturdy plastic handle for efficiency. The transparent cover allows medics to quickly check on contents of the kit whenever they are in a hurry to attend to a medical emergency. The color also encourages tidiness, which is vital in a clinical setting. The kit is rectangular thus easy fit in a variety of storage units.

It is easy to fit the silicone resuscitation kit in a bag when traveling.


Medical tools in the kit are easy to use because of their simple design. Patients can position a resuscitator or mask when a caregiver is not in.