Child Silicone Resuscitation Kit

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Handling children respiratory condition is a delicate process. It requires proper tools and high level of expertise. Silicone resuscitation kit is customized for easy use and comfort for children. The size is relatively small to match small faces of kids. The resuscitation kit includes resuscitators and masks of different sizes suitable for children.

Patients of such a young age are easily scared by medical tools; this is why the color and size of this resuscitators and masks have been customized to be appealing for kids. The ergonomic design also makes it easy to handle and comfortable for kids.


Assembly of the resuscitator is easy because of the simplified features. It has one intake valve that reduces complexity of compiling parts of the resuscitator. The simple and small design makes it portable; it is easy to handle. Although children require an expert for guidance in positioning and timing of the resuscitator, it is still easy to fix and remove.

The self-inflating feature makes it ideal for children. The simple design attributes to its popularity in the medical industry. Soft silicone material attributes to its fast rebound time.


The kit includes 2 meters of oxygen tubing and two airways. It is free of DEHP. It comes in a plastic box.