Disposable Resuscitator

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Disposable Resuscitator is specifically designed for adults. The structure matches relatively wide faces. While children and adults are all prone to respiratory conditions and require the same level of medical attention, resuscitation for an adult requires more effort. The tubing in this mask is wider as compared to other resuscitation models in the medical industry.

Most of the mask is covered by silicone and PVC for durability. The materials are tough enough to withstand external pressure in case it falls off or squeezed, which is likely to happen in a medical emergency. Nevertheless, it is only used once.


The tube diameter is wide to enhance airflow. The wide tube attributes to quick recovery of a patient. The mask works in few minutes when positioned properly. While it is available in various sizes, the mask only fits adults. The inside material is elastic, which can adjust to fit different face shapes.

The mask is comfortable around the nose area. A patient can wear the mask for a long time because of the soft lining in the mask.


Latex free material reduces risk of infection and skin damage. The wide tube enhances the mask’s effectiveness and efficiency.