Disposable Resuscitator With Pop Off

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This medical tool is entirely made of silicone for durability. The disposable resuscitator is designed for comfort of a caregiver when handling a patient. A short stroke helps with easy handling thus decreasing hand fatigue when helping a patient. The disposable product is durable; it can withstand external force in the event a paramedic is in hurrying to an emergency spot.

The Disposable Resuscitator With Pop Off offers more than ventilation to a patient. It enhances user’s comfort, especially for patients who need help in breathing for an extended time. The silicone also makes it easy to grip for healthcare providers.


The resuscitator is designed for one time use. However, the outer covering is covered with silicone, which is tough to withstand any external pressure that can destroy its contents and compromise on its function before reaching to a patient.

The tough outer cover is also ideal for emergency cases considering care providers are likely to apply force in bid to save a life in times of distress.

PVC on the cover also enhances its sturdiness and effectiveness in medical emergencies.


The disposable resuscitator is latex free hence reduced risk of skin damage and allergic reactions. The ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue.