Liberty Nurses Pouch & Bags

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Nurses Pouch is ideal for a busy nurse. It has enough space for keeping basic clinical tools like flashlight, scissors, and pens among other essentials in a clinical setting. It can be frustrating to a nurse to realize an essential item is missing after rushing to an emergency case. It can cost a life. This is why the nurse pouch is crucial for any serious professional in nursing.

It saves time and unnecessary inconveniences. It helps nurse keep organized with their items. The nursing profession involves consistent movement; from one patient to another, which makes it easy to lose or forget some items in the process.


The pouch is designed with two inside pockets for keeping small items. A nurse can organize the pouch according to function and size of tools. Gloves and masks can also be carried in this nurse pouch. It is ideal for any tool in medical examination and basic treatment procedure. The design ensures nurses are always prepared to address different patient needs within required time because items are always on hands reach.


The pouch is available in black trim and navy blue. It measures 10 x 15cm. It has a Velcro flap closure and spring loaded belt clip.