Silicone Resuscitator Mask

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Silicone Resuscitator Mask is transparent for easy monitoring. Providing care for patients with respiratory problems can be a challenge if the caregiver is not updated with the progress. The mask is effective for both adults and children.

The resuscitator mask aims at quick and quality patient care; the ventilations are customized for comfort and boost of a patient’s energy. A caregiver in emergency case doesn’t have to take long with a patient. The mask easily fits on a patient’s face; it can be adjusted to fit different sizes. A caregiver can fit the mask and leave a patient alone.


The mask includes different color codes in form of rings, which give visual reference on condition of the patient. The color codes help a caregiver establish when to adjust the mask or remove it; the colors indicate when there is normal airflow. The mask is not only effective for  a patient in need but also comfortable for a caregiver.

The comfort fit is ideal for extreme health conditions that require a patient to wear the mask for a long period.


It is compact and foldable hence highly portable. The transparent material allows patient monitoring. The structure is customized to fit a patient’s face.