Silicone Reusable Resuscitator Set

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Silicone Reusable Resuscitator Set is an essential in any clinical setting. The pack contains all basic tools used in diagnosis and treatment procedures. It is commonly carried by paramedics; the set mainly entails resuscitators and masks for people with respiratory conditions.

Respiration related conditions that necessitate use of masks and resuscitators are often medical emergencies hence need for efficient tools to help the patient regain normalcy. The silicone reusable resuscitator set entails tools of various sizes to achieve different purposes. Adults and children can benefit from the pack. It is designed for flexibility and all-time readiness of healthcare givers.


Basically, it is a silicone bag with an assortment of medical tools. The bag is transparent with printed instructions on the side on how to use each of the tools. The carry case is waterproof. It is also tough for protection of the medical tools. Some of the resuscitators are delicate hence need for extra care.

Each mask is fitted in its package for extra protection


The tools can be cleaned by autocalve. The handle is customized for extra grip when in hurry to attend to medical emergencies. The set includes both adult and child resuscitators essential for ventilation.