Silicone Reusable Resuscitators

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A resuscitator is a vital medical tool. Resuscitators customized to relieve patients with respiratory conditions. The resuscitators are designed for portability and comfort of patients as well as caregivers. The simple and light design makes them ideal for emergency cases. The resuscitators can easily fit in medical bags and pouches.

Nurses and paramedics are always carrying this medical tool to handle any related medical conditions as and when it arises. The silicone material on the exterior is a proof for quality and durability of the resuscitators. The handles are fitted with soft material for user’s comfort. Also, threading on the handles is a distinguishing feature of the resuscitators that guarantees extra grip.


Silicone Reusable Resuscitators comes as a package. The features are customized for ultimate ventilation, which is key for patients with respiratory related conditions. Besides its reliability in relieving patients, the medical tool has been designed to reduce contamination on users.

It is safe and comfortable to use the resuscitators. Also, it allows caregivers to monitor patient progress through the transparent cover.


Silicone reusable resuscitators are available in multiple sizes; caregivers often carry the in sets as preparation for medical emergency. It is easy to use the resuscitator.