Adjustable Over the Bed Table

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The over-the-bed table is a convenient equipment for patients who spend most of their time in bed. It is designed to fit patients of all sizes because it is flexible to adjustments. It is also lightweight to avoid cumbersomeness in shifting it. The table offers a stable surface for meals and other activities the patient needs to engage while bedridden. It is therefore, a handy tool to help disabled individuals maintain a life of capability to proceed with simple duties.


The table has a lightweight design that is adjustable to fit any required height. It is able to go as high as a regular table to be used over an ordinary chair. Its lightweight makes it an easily portable equipment to use outdoors and whenever the patient needs to be.


The table is sturdy and firm featuring an H-frame design for ultimate support. The base is powder-coated steel for improved strength and durability. There are easy-to-glide castors to make it possible to move it in multiple directions. This means the user may turn into any desired direction for the most appropriate positioning.

The castors are lockable to restrict movement and keep the patient safe from accidental movements and spills.