Adult Bib Clothes Protector

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Adult bib clothing protector is an essential equipment for patients with feeding problems. They are vinyl backed for protection and have great color for stain sensitivity. The bib protector allows easy fastening. It comes with Velcro patches located behind the neck.


Velcro patches help to fasten the bib protector behind the neck. The bib protector is designed to keep off excessive spills and drops. The color schemes is five different easily matching colors to conceal the appearance of dirt and stains. The vinyl backing helps to hide stains caused by spilling drinks and sticky foods.

There is only one size available. This size fits all adults as it can adjust to the needs of the wearer. The straps are long enough to go round any neck size. The curve also widens to allow stretching for the widest-necked wearer.

It has a two layer design, which has a knitted-cloth front and waterproof vinyl back


The design offers protection against major spills and is convenient for maintaining the dignity of the user. The vinyl is waterproof and easy to clean and maintain.

It comes in one adjustable size that fits all adults. Its flexibility helps to accommodate patients of all types.