Angled Knife

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The angled knife is a stainless steel blade commonly used by individual that have a restricted range of motion in wrists and limited grip. The angled knife has a curved handle of about 90-degree angle from the cutting edge. The curved handle allows efficient cutting with a straight-arm and wrist. This ability enables the user to cut and prepare food easily.


The angled knife has an ergonomic design that relieves strains on the fingers, hand, as well as the wrist. The knife is available in two sizes. Both adults and children can use the sizes. The ergonomic design allows the arm and wrist alignment to allow efficient cutting strength and motion.


The angled knife has a stainless blade that is made to last a long life and is durable. It has a comfortable grip on the handle, which makes it a good choice when preparing food. The blade is about 4.5 inches. The edges of the blade are sharp, which requires little strength when in use. The plastic handle is made of polypropylene or polyamide, which is durable and easy to grip. Cleaning the angled knife is easy as it is a dishwasher safe kitchen tool.